Muhammed Akil’s no strategist.  He likes to describe himself that way though. He’s constantly telling people that he’s “surgical” and that he’s “cracking the code.”– he even mumbled that nonsense to me once or twice. Muhammed prefers people call him, “Chief.”  But it seems the only people calling him “Chief” are people grovelling to get their hands on some of that Education Reformer money he’s been spreading around town.

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Poisoned Water Front Stage Today In Trenton: Ras Baraka and Kim Gaddy Show Leadership

The alarming truth has finally been revealed: Our children are being poisoned! What makes this more disturbing is that elected and appointed officials were warned about this over 20 years ago AND THEY DID NOTHING. We are not talking about Flint, MI. We are talking about our Newark children drinking, cooking and cleaning while all running water in nearly 40 Newark schools (and possibly more) is contaminated with dangerous levels of lead. LEAD KILLS!

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