Apparently Black Lives Don’t Matter To The NAACP

It seems that for pennies on the dollar, the NAACP has done what so many have done to Black families for hundreds of years—they’re selling us out.

The NAACP has been tap dancing for the big two unions (NEA and AFT) and apparently wearing out all of those Tap Shoes has paid off in the tune of a six-fold payment from $25,000 to $151,700.

“Certainly no one should expect NEA and AFT to care about the lives and futures of black children and their families. They have long ago proven that their concerns are elsewhere. But there is no reason why NAACP and Movement for Black Lives are siding with the Big Two in perpetuating the educational genocide that has enslaved and destroyed the minds and futures of the black children for which they are supposed to be concerned. In the process, both (along with the reform movement itself) have wasted an important opportunity to reshape systemic reform in a way that puts black children and families at the center. What a shame.”—RISHAWN BIDDLE