So here’s the dirty truth about Muhammed Akil and his BIG MONEY BACKERS

Muhammed was discarded by the Mayor of Jersey City—Steve Fulop and immediately began sniffing around for a soft landing. He happened upon some very deep pocketed folk who were looking for a smooth talker who could come to Newark under the darkness of night and sell Newark parents snake oil.

PC2E was founded with more than $3.5 million, a slick web site and a mission statement that was crafted to read like a carefully tailored, long awaited dream come true for Newark Parents desperately looking for an honest and true organization solely focused on advocating for them and their children’s educational needs—these parents couldn’t have been more misled.

See, Muhammed came here (flush with cash) with a completely different idea for Newark, our students and our parents. “Mr. Money Bags” Akil came here fully funded ready to build a political machine through which he’d hoped to control parent’s votes and the electoral process here in our city.

Akil had absolutely no intention on building an organization that empowered parents. His only interest was and still is to build a power base for himself and he’s failed. But in the process, he has spent nearly $800,000 in total.

Last year’s Newark School Board race was the first real test for self proclaimed “political architect” Muhammed. He was given the okay to spend more than $200,000 to try and win that election and he spent every nickel he had. He desperately tried to fool his funders into believing he was a political architect… barking orders and throwing around piles and piles of cash in a feeble attempt to win. In the end, it cost Muhammed Akil $200,000… to get his funders one seat on the Newark Board of Education. By anyone’s standards that was a failure and Muhammed should have been shown the door but you guessed it, this was just the beginning.

Fresh off an embarrassing display in Newark, Muhammed return to Jersey City to try his luck in that School Board race. Full of faith in an already failed political strategist, his funders once again loaded him down with lots of cash. This time it was nearly triple what he had been given to dupe Newarkers. That’s right, Muhammed was flush with nearly $600,000 for a School Board race in Jersey City.

Considering his miserable failure in Newark and figuring that this would surely be his last shot at fame and glory, Muhammed launched an all out blistering assault on the slate of candidates supported by once good friend and boss… Mayor Steven Fulop–it was a dud and once again Muhammed proved to be more bark than bite. He won just one seat.

By now you might think this brain trust of deep pocket Ed Reformers, having spent nearly $800,000 betting on Muhammed and coming up short would have learned their lesson but apparently they haven’t.

They’re at it again with even more money to spend.

The Newark School Board Election is April 25th and Muhammed’s BIG MONEY backers are rolling the dice one more time–betting that three times might just be the charm. And though Muhammed will earn more than a fist full of dollars for what is certain to be his most epic fail to date, we must all ask ourselves at what final cost are these BIG MONEY BACKERS willing to put our communities at risk. Why are they so hell bent on pouring what will be a near $Million total when this April’s election is all said and done.

This April is the last stand for Muhammed Akil and his political organization PC2E.

Will Newarkers stand against them? Will Newarkers stand with our children?

How about we all stand together and fight against these BIG MONEY BACKERS and Muhammed Akil.