Muhammed Akil Has Failed So Why Won’t The Education Reform Donors Fire Him?

Muhammed Akil’s latest brain child “The Unity Slate” has got to be the absolute least qualified slate of candidates perhaps to ever run for the Newark Public School Advisory Board yet the Education Reform Funders are funding them—why?

This slate of possibly well-meaning but ill-prepared candidates is a direct result of both the incompetence and inability of PC2E and it’s Executive Director Muhammed Akil to do the work they were established to do… the work Muhammed was assigned a $3.5 million budget to do… the work Muhammed and PC2E promised parents and students they would do.

According the their web site, PC2E’s mission is to EMPOWER, MOBILIZE and STRENGTHEN the voice of every New Jersey parent. But instead, Muhammed’s blundering calculations have systematically isolated and excluded tens of thousands of New Jersey parents including Newarkers.

Out of options and parents abandoning him, Muhammed’s failed strategies have backed him into a corner and have forced to cut a deal that’s bad for kids. Akil has had to dig even deeper into his funder’s pockets in order to persuade a few to hold their noses and try to drag this ill-fated slate of candidates across the finish line.

According to Muhammed’s own Facebook Bio, he leads all aspects of PC2E, including fundraising, strategy and overall operations so there’s no one to blame for this abomination but him

Please explain to us all just how you separate yourself from Muhammed’s failure if you’re gonna keep giving him money to fail?

To learn more about what’s going on with Muhammed, PC2E and the Newark School Board Election, click the link: The Eric Dawson (Talk Radio) Show.