Muhammed Akil’s no strategist.  He likes to describe himself that way though. He’s constantly telling people that he’s “surgical” and that he’s “cracking the code.”– he even mumbled that nonsense to me once or twice. Muhammed prefers people call him, “Chief.”  But it seems the only people calling him “Chief” are people grovelling to get their hands on some of that Education Reformer money he’s been spreading around town.

I’ll give him one thing, he sure does know how to smooth talk… kind of like the Pied Piper if you know what I mean.

How else would you explain a completely underqualified person becoming Chief-of-Staff to Steve Fulop–Mayor of Jersey City?

How else could he have possibly convince Education Reform Funders to hand over the keys to an organization and millions and millions of dollars? All of this without a single reference… THE PIED PIPER I SAY!

You guys have just been fooled.

He left Jersey City after just a year, in the words of the Jersey Journal “disgraced.”

Remember, Muhammed spent over $300,000 on last year’s Newark School Board race – an outrageous and historic amount – and he ended up winning a single seat and… Muhammed spent a sizable portion of that good ole Education Reform money on Mayor Baraka’s handpicked anti-reform candidate Leah Owens.

But I refuse to allow my fellow Newarkers to become victims once again to this Pied Pipers scheme.

Akil is no strategist.

“The work,” as Muhammed likes to call it, is really nothing special.  What he’s become expert in is throwing money  ((Rich Donors money) around producing slick mailers to send around to Newarkers.

Ever notice that you don’t recognize any of the Black kids in these PC2E mailers? That’s because they’re not Newarkers. Muhammed has no idea who they are either. All he knows is that they’re Black. He goes to a web site and pays a fee to use them. I wonder, what would those kids parents say if they knew how Muhammed was exploiting them.

Muhammed spends his days sending Text after text…email after email and paying sometimes thousands of dollars at a time to ‘boost’ Facebook posts. All the while he’s paying parents barely a minimum wage to register people to vote.

Let’s be clear, this isn’t the work of a “strategist,” it’s the work of high-priced Pied Piper pimping unsuspecting parents walking the streets of Newark for HIS cause and fleecing the community for whatever he can get for himself.

So with all that said, I have two questions… Newarkers, have you had enough? And, Education Reform Funders, when are you finally going to say ENOUGH–to Muhammed Akil? Tell him to go blow his pipe somewhere else.